Killzone 3 Singleplayer Impressions

With Killzone 3 now in stores I thought I better quickly give the Singleplayer demo a go.

The Singleplayer plays exactly like the multiplayer; there is plenty of camera movement and it definitely feels “first person”. The demo opens up on you and your squad of low flying gunships, pumping lead into a bunch of gas stations below. Once again the graphics and lighting it superb, with the snow environment distracting you slightly from the slaughter. I will mention though that the blood spurts are fairly ridiculous. You are fairly high up at times but the massive red splatter is still perfectly visible. Anyway, after briefly bombarding these stations you eventually get shot down, but your aircraft just manages to make it to a patch of snow.

At the crash site cut-scene, it becomes fairly obvious that the developers have had to hold themselves back from graphic detail as much as possible. Your characters leg has become trapped under a metal bar, but slides out easy and the massive blood splatters are non-existent on your deceased pilot. The scene reminded me of those gruesome war movies, minus the blood. The fact that it was everywhere else in the game, but not in this cut-scene, I found a bit odd.

I maybe giving you the wrong idea about the game, it’s not horribly violent. It’s not so much blood to make you cringe, but it is quite noticeable.

The blood spurts do have a good side to them as well though. Splatters on walls and floors look convincingly real and popping some blokes head from across the map puts a smirk on your face.

Anyway, from here, you must carry on foot to a pick-up-point where your will hopefully meet up with your allies. What you’ll notice here is that you are able to pick up the gunship turret and reek havoc on the approaching enemies. This is powerful and fun, but involves a bit more control then you’d think, as ammo is short. The default controls felt really bizarre to me and I quickly had to change the settings. At this point though, I really noticed that Guerrilla Games have obviously taken leaves out of the books of other shooters. The level layout and enemy patterns reminded my the more recent Call of Duty titles and your are able to slide into cover and peek around corners just like recent, re-installment in the Medal Of Honor franchise.

The brutal melee system I commented on in my multiplayer beta impressions post also features in the campaign. Again, it is fun at first but quickly becomes annoying and distracting.

One cool thing however, was the jetpack you could control halfway through the demo. The jetpack is enemy technology and the characters make a point of not knowing how to fly it. The jetpack was mighty fun to use and felt a bit hard to control. It felt like you really didn’t know what you were doing, which was quite impressive.

In the Killzone 3 campaign as well, you can be revived and you can revive your teammates. After a frustrating scenario of not knowing where to go (something that happened a couple of times) I ran out infront of an enemy and got shot down. As I waited to respawn, my ally appeared out of nowhere, shot the bad guy and revived me! I was stunned! I knew you could do this in the multiplayer, which on it’s own is cool, but in the campaign too! Anyway, so I quickly jumped up after my revival, just in time to dart out of the way of another enemy, who had just shot down my saviour. Determined to repay the favour, I fought back and managed to rivive my fallen teammate.

While I’m talking about death, I should point out that dying is quite interesting in this game. In most recent shooters, you collapse sideways in a heap with blood speared across your screen, but in Killzone 3, your “death screen” is a bit more sophisticated. For example, I fell into the water a couple of times, and killed myself. When I fell in, the screen went all murky brown and bubbly, like I was beneath the surface. This, I thought, was pretty cool.

So that more or less concludes my opinions on the singleplayer demo and I hope to play more of the campaign to get a better taste. I should also point out that on the menu I saw a Co-op Campaign option. It also can be played using the Move, and although I haven’t given it a go, I’ve heard playing it with the normal controller is far superior.

From my brief taste of the game, I was pleasantly surprised. After playing the beta I kind of thought the campaign would be a bit boring and over-the-top like most futuristic shooters are. Guerrilla Games have done a good job as creating some fun and new. For me though, it’s still too early to decide between this, Resistance 3 and Crysis 2, all to be released this year. Although I’ve enjoyed my time with Killzone, it will be interesting to see how it stacks up against other shooters this year.

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