Pumped for March 2 iPad event?

So as you all should know by now, Apple is holding an event on March second, where they will almost certainly unveil their second itteration of the iPad. It’s been such an eventful year with iPad, and it feels like such a short time ago that Apple announced their much hyped tablet. Now, about a month later than we thought, Apple will release it’s second version.

We’ve all seen the rumor mill go wild. Retina screen, to no retina screen. SD card slot, a supposed A5 processor, it changes around all the time, but all we know is it has to be better, and has to be able to keep up with the growing Honeycomb competition. Infact, knowing Apple, It has to be better. The prospect of something like this is sounding really cool, and I’m sure I’ll be excited about it no-matter what kind of update there is. Wether or not I’ll be excited to sell up on my first generation model for a small loss and iPad upgrade, I don’t know.

Something I must say I really want to see in the second version would be better peripheral compatibility. With a dodgy workaround of the iPad’s camera connector, you are already able to connect a small number of accesories to iPad, such as keyboards and microphones, but I’d like to be able to connect external hard-drives, but more specifically, my iPhone. I’d really like my iPad to be more like a computer, and be capable of syncing my iPhone with all it’s music, videos, etc. Little things like this would be really nice, and I’d like to see something like this come. Also, something we’ve heard in rumors and general talk all to much, a facetime app and camera, and if Apple were willing to chuck in a rear facing camera too I guess that would be cool, but in my opinion holding up a 10″ tablet to take a photo seems a bit stupid. Cool, but stupid. Thunderbolt technologies for syncing would be awesome too, I know this seems very fast but as I mentioned in my post about Thunderbolt last night, iPhone, iPad and iPod syncing would be insane with that sort of technologies in them.

Wether or not all my iPad two wishes come true (they probably won’t appart from the facetime bit) I’ll still be up nice and early in the eastern Australian morning to cover the March second event , and then again for the campout which will obviously arrise after it’s announcement.


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