Call Of Duty: Future Warfare?

Ever since Modern Warfare 2’s release, COD fans have been wondering where the franchise will go after Modern Warfare. Many have said Future Warfare will be the next step for the franchise. Lots of rumours have bee flying about whether this years release will be a futurist installment, but with it pretty much confirmed it will be a Modern Warfare game, attention has turned to 2012’s installment.

It’s not all rumours though; there has been hard evidence of a futuristic COD game. Some internet-savvy COD fans have discovered that Activision have registered the following domain names:

If these ideas are strong enough to warrant domain names being registered, then there is a high chance we could see a futuristic COD game in the next few years.

This concept is a huge opportunity for Activision, and whoever would develop it, I believe. Imagine the game, if a space/future warfare game was to be released. The options are endless. An epic campaign, pitting humans against aliens or terrorists with brand new technology, possibly on another planet. Or a fight to survive when aliens attack our world.

The multiplayer could be awesome as well. Brand new alien or high-tech weaponry, such as laser guns or snipers with massive scopes, incredible new perks, and amazing kill streaks (imagine giant gunships hovering above the map, or a flying RC-XD). And the maps could be awesome as well, maybe playing on the inside of a spaceship or on an alien world!

I think that Call of Duty: Future Warfare would be a breathtaking game, and is actually not an unlikely option. I just hope we don’t have to wait for too long.


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