My recent experience with Android Honeycomb

Do you guys ever get bored on the computer? I do. Today I was bored so I decided to see what all the fuss was about with Android Honeycomb, so I looked into it and got it all running on my iMac.

The first most notable thing, was the speed. I know this is an emulator for your computer, so the speed I am currently experiencing with Honeycomb on my iMac, is almost certainly not what you would experience on say a Xoom, but let’s say this (for the emulator). Unless you are really bored, or just really really want a shot on something Honeycomb, don’t bother. Now onto the actual system.

Obviously I can not conduct a full review of this, being that it is running in a virtual machine on my iMac with half of it’s features missing, and it running at an unbearably slow speed. I will however give you my opinions on the subject, and let you know what I think.

What I really do love about Android are the sort of widgets you can use with it. Honeycomb makes all this feel really nice and solid and takes advantage of the screen real-estate really well, it’s something I wish I could do more of with iOS. All the homescreens feel great, and scrolling through them all was very intuitive and felt quite easy. The browser is great, a vast improvement from what it was before, and something about the UI really grabs me.

It seems as though Android is finally catching up in the tablet game, and that maybe this could be a viable competitor, however for me, there are a few issues that seem a bit annoying.

On iOS, specifically on iPad, things just flow really nicely. You always know what each little button does, and after a while you begin to just sort of, get the hang of it. I’m sure this is also the case with Honeycomb, however it seems as though it’s a little harder to get, a little harder to figure it all out. Of course you must remember, I am trying all this out from the computer emulator, so what I’m saying could be wildly off, however just now from my experience this is what I’m getting. The eco-system is the other flaw for me. There are 200,000+ apps on the App Store, however the numbers for Android are, well, a lot less. If there’s a big app coming out, you know you’ll be able to get it on your iPhone, you won’t necessarily know on your android device. I guess it is all a matter of opinion, so there’s mine. I do see Honeycomb being a great competitor in the tablet game, and it seems really nice to use and all, however as I stated before there are a few small areas where it would be lacking for me. Let’s put it this way. If I could have an iPad that primarily booted into iOS, but also had the function to boot into Android Honeycomb, well I’d be sold.


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