Why is Facetime $1.19?

I made a post a while back asking the question as to when we’re going to see facetime start to show up all over the place, and even in the short time it’s been since writing that post, the amount of friends I have with Facetime devices has soared, with people buying new iPod touches and iPhone 4’s. Just recently though, Apple has thrown a spanner in the works of my (and obviously their) great ‘everybody with facetime’ like future.

I dislike Skype personally, I use it but in the same way I use the Facebook app on iPhone, because I have to. It’s buggy, takes forever to log me in and video call quality looks kind of bad. Facetime has been a pretty much perfect fix for Skype’s problems, and as I said before, more and more of my friends are using it, especially since all of them with Mac’s can use it too. The Facetime beta you could download off Apple’s site was free, and obviously everybody expected it to stay free when it finally came out of beta and hit the Mac App Store. Understandably the new version is fully capable of transmitting the 720p video that can be recorded off a new Macbook Pro’s iSight cam, but can that really justify the price? It’s not like I can’t afford to buy it off the App Store, but why on Earth would I buy it when I have an almost fully functional, free beta of the product? It seems silly, and the next time I try to convince one of my Mac based friends to try it out, the “what have you got to lose?” expression will be rendered useless, because somehow all my friends seem to have something better to spend $1.19 on. Nobody will buy it unless everybody else has it, which is a massive vicious circle, just like I outlined in a previous post that you can check out here.


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