Contrary to popular belief, the iPhone is not a perfect smartphone.

As proved at the start of the year with the “iPhone alarm failure”, the iPhone is no stranger to problems and no one can say that it doesn’t have its flaws.

At the release of the iPhone 4, there were many complaints about dropping out signals, to which Apple had to respond by providing free bumpers to anyone that wanted one.

There have also been many complaints over the years since the first iPhone about battery life and expense, not just for the handset itself but also all the internet it so casually uses.

One problem I really have with the iPhone though is the inability to create groups on the device’s contact application. The only way to do it, is to create them on your contact application on your computer and then sync that to the iPhone.

Although the iPhone has been, and still is, a revolutionary phone, it’s failures have become the success of other smartphones.

Thanks too, and for the images.


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