iPad 2 Thoughts

As I’m sure you’ll aware by now, the iPad 2 was announced last night, and man, what an excitement. I woke up to them covering it on the news, I read the tech specs as I brushed my teeth and at school, the classroom buzzed with the talk of a new iPad.

But is it really worth all the hype?

I think the answers yes, but Apple have only guaranteed themselves “King of the Tablets” until their next year. I’ve began to notice this growing trend with Apple. It seems to me that just as other companies start catching up, they announce a new model. When the iPad first came out, it was big, really there was nothing else like it. 12 months on however, we have things like the Samsung Galaxy Tab which had started to contest the iPad. Then along comes the iPad 2, holding off the competition for another 12 months.

I think it’s fair to say Apple have made some pretty significant improvements with this one though.

I’m very glad to see the new A5 dual-core chip, doubling its speed and the 9 times boost to the graphics is also great to see. I actually think the Smart Covers and the instant-on are both pretty cool. If you have no idea what I’m talking about I’d recommend checking out the iPad page on the Apple site, just click here. As we all suspected, cameras have been included on the device, one forward facing and one rear facing. The rear camera is brilliant, 720p HD video recording at 30FPS, but I thought the front camera maybe could have been a little better. Being thinner and lighter is also great, but I’m not convinced I’m happy with the rear design. I’m not sure I like the idea of having all the ports visible from the back but who knows what I’ll think when I get my hands on one. On terms of battery life, having doubled the speed, still having 10 hours battery life is pretty good. Heck, it’s better then my laptop. I’m a bit disappointed to see that Apple haven’t upgraded the hard-drive space on the devices, with there still being 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models. I think 16 and 32s would just fill up way too quickly and that for most people, 64 would make more sense. I’d also like to have seen the screen resolution upgraded to something really impressive, for example the Retina display on the iPhone 4. I suppose a Retina display that big would have been pricey but would have been just amazing. The display is still a decent resolution and will please everyone I’m sure. Photobooth and Garageband are two awesome additions on the application side of things, Garageband is handy and fun and Photobooth is a real laugh and successful at keeping those kids entertained. I love how you can also plug in your own instruments using an adapter as well, something I’d really like to play with. I can’t wait to try the mirroring functions as well. This allows you to plug your iPad into a HD TV and show exactly what on the screen, very handy for education I imagine. I noticed in the specs is that the iPad 2 has Dolby Digital  5.1 surround sound pass-through using a separate adapter. I’m not sure the previous iPad had this or not but I’ve made it obvious before how much I love surround sound and having this on the iPad would be great for movies.

Anyway, I’ve talked to much now, but I’d definitely recommend checking out the videos on the Apple website.

So what are my final thoughts? Yes, I’m excited to see the iPad 2 released, as I’m sure most people are, but I’m more interested to see what the world makes of it on March 25th.

Thanks too http://hypebeast.com/2011/03/apple-ipad-2/ for the feature image.

One Response to “iPad 2 Thoughts”
  1. Hamish Prior says:

    Looks very exciting! It seems that apple has such a bigger mind share than all these other companies. If i were to walk in to class and go ‘Oh look, Samsung unveiled their new 10.1″ tablet today!” everybody would be a bit like “uhh, what?” New iPad however is a totally different story, capturing the entire conversation for half of my ltech/computer lesson first period!

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