iPad 2 Australia campouts

Hey everybody,

So after attending two Apple campouts in my fanboy life, I know there are a massive amount of people out there who do come to them. I also know that any information about a campout to you as an Apple product release camper is of great interest, and we at Technoladget want to try to make this info readily available to you and easy to get to, so check back here as I will have more details and easy access information available soon!

10 Responses to “iPad 2 Australia campouts”
  1. Ricky says:

    Will be camping at Chaddy, will try get in early so I can shotgun the leather couch!

  2. Ben says:

    Hopefully going to camp out at Doncaster with the brother and possibly a friend, now just to decide which one?, lined up for iPhone 4 there, had a pretty good time 🙂

    • Hamish Prior says:

      Hey Ben,
      I agree, I lined up for iPhone 4 at doncaster too, it was awesome fun 🙂
      I’ll be at doncaster again for the iPad 2, seeing all the american campout pics from the release their earlier today just makes you more excited 😀
      I’ll be lining up with my mate from school

  3. Ducknose says:

    Now the main question. What model are you gonna get? 3g + wifi, wifi only, black, white, how many GB of storage…… so many questions

  4. Roland says:

    Anyone doing Robina Town Centre?

  5. Eric says:

    How early are you getting there? 🙂

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