Apple and their product mindshare

The phrase market share is used a lot, however it’s counterpart, mindshare, is definitely not. Mindshare is very important, for all products, but even more so in the tech world, as it is the key awareness and noticability of products, which is very important when it comes to selling anything to do with technology.

To use the press as an example. The iPad 2. Everywhere was busing with information, thoughts, and generally any little thing they can think of writing about it. This is understandable. The iPad 2 looks like it’s going to be a really great device, however name to me one other tablet, ever, that has generated anywhere near that much media interest?

We can also use the general public and your social group as an example, not just the press and media. As I stated in a previous  post, as I walked into class right after the iPad 2 was announced, the whole room was buzzing with what people thought of the device, and crazy wild specs they thought were true but really were just a ‘pass down the grapevine’ sort of thing. Again, I pose the question, when has any other tablet ever created such a buzz around your social group? Unless you hang out with solely a bunch of Android  fanatics, probably never. This isn’t to say that everybody talking about a new iPad is an Apple fanatic, oh no, this is showing how much mindshare Apple has, over say, Motorolla with the Xoom or LG with their new Optimus Tab.

The fact that Apple can get into so many more people’s heads than just any old company gives them a massive advantage, and even if people form bad opinions of these devices, the mindshare is still there, because everybody still talks about them and the more people talk about a product, the more likely people are going to buy one. It’s like they say, ‘any press is good press’.

4 Responses to “Apple and their product mindshare”
  1. *hope says:

    When marketing people, any press might be good press. Love or hate Lady Gaga, it doesn’t matter…the buzz keeps her on top of people’s minds like you were saying. But with products, I’d say bad press is bad press and if other forces align, it could pull you into serious debt. So much money is invested in R&D in technology, generally when a product goes to market you are starting at loss.

    Apple has heart share. That’s the real driver. Most of the people buying iPad2 or the new MacBook Pro are not newbies or converts. Rather, they are trading up from their older models. They love their macs and they want the latest and greatest. It’s not just talk and buzz that drives Apple sales, though it helps. Obviously, people need to know about something in order to buy it. But people don’t buy it because that’s on the top of their mind. They WANT it.

    Android has loyal followers as well. Each has their own community. But Android isn’t as good at making you want them, making you choose them. Maybe because it’s too fragmented. Maybe the product isn’t as differentiated or at the same quality level [since there are SO many manufacturers]. I don’t know. Basically, Android pushes its products out to the masses [at least that’s where they are now], but Apple pulls people in with some kind of mystique and cult following.

    • Hamish Prior says:

      Agreed with basically all you’ve got to say there.
      I think the heartshare is a good point, however I think that it is also the mystique and cult following you are talking about. I think for a large amount of people using macs, they really do like it. When they eventually need a new computer, if they liked their old one they obviously go back for the same experience as they had before, and for the ones who don’t really like it, well they just spend their time complaining and then eventually move on or back to something else. This really goes for all products I must say, however some companies just have more people sticking with them, such as Apple.
      I do think Mindshare is important too though, as I talked about in my post. For example the Antenagate issue of last year. Tons of people knew about the issue, yet the iPhone 4 still sold in the millions, and has been a wild success.

  2. Ducknose says:

    The interesting thing that I learnt today while at school was that our Indonesian teacher is getting an iPad 2.

    Surprisingly enough she is an Apple fanatic. She seems to like it (they’re stylish also.) Have you seen a teacher mark the role with their iPhone before? well this one does. She has a MacBook Pro, an iPhone and will soon have an iPad 2 come Friday. I talked to her and she said that she would be getting the wi-fi only one because she can use her iPhone 4 to tether it to. She was also thinking of buying the school some iPads or iPod Touches at a later date to use as a “video camera”. “Why buy a camera for $200 when you can get an iPod Touch for $289,” she said.

    I think I am liking her more and more. Maybe I should bring my Apple Remote to school and commit henious acts, unless she has the ir sensor disabled or she has paired her remote to her mac. 🙂

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