New Battlefield 3 Gameplay Video

On the first of this month, the guys at EA released another gameplay video, providing a little bit more detail then the Premiere Gameplay vid I discussed in an earlier article.

Similar to what EA did prior to Medal Of Honor’s release, it appears there will be a series of gameplay videos leading up to it’s release sometime in the 3rd quarter (of the year).

It stars with a black screen, detailing the series, “Fault Line” and naming the video “Episode 1: “Bad Part of Town”, again similar to Medal of Honor. It also states that the footage was taken from pre-alpha (before the final version). Man if this is pre-alpha, I cant wait to see the final version!

It then gives us some previously unknown information about the game, telling us it’s set in the near future, 2014, where Coalition Forces lead by the US Marines are attempting to bring stability to the region. I’m slightly disappointed to see that the conflict is still taking place in the Middle East, where most other shooters are based. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not a better thing.

You and your squad then climb out of a vehicle, the same as shown in the Premiere Gameplay trailer. Once again, the graphics look amazing, the most impressive I’ve seen in a long time. There is also incredibly realistic lighting. As you climb out, there is a puddle just to your right and the sun reflecting off it is just amazing. Blue information boxes are shown in the bottom corners, revealing the location and your characters name, Sargent Henry ‘Black’ Blackburn.

Your squad then moves into a building where you are given your mission, to investigate the disappearance of ally and investigate a lead of possible chemical weapons.

You then move out, busting through a door. It’s seems that you take a bit more of a back foot then in other shooters. In games like Call of Duty, you pretty much always remain at the front doing a one-man-army kind of deal, but this looks different in Battlefield 3. The squad mate you are required to follow always has a glowing “follow” sign above his head. Anyway, your squad busts through this door and starts running down this tight alley way. This is where the graphics really stand out. DICE have made their work with Mirrors Edge (another title developed by DICE) obvious here, with the running looking well real. The alley is amazing, as do your squad mades beside you. You really need to see it yourself.

Breaking through another door, you enter a dark room where again, the lighting has been done brilliantly, casting beams through the dust. This is where a earthquakes are first shown. A squad mate explains that it’s a small earth tremor as you’re about ninety clicks away from a major fault line. It will be interesting to see how this is worked into the game.

It then cuts to you and your squad running through an empty street where there are a bunch of blown up cars. Your squad member breaks his way into another building that opens up into an empty car park. Just as a squad member voices his concern, the camera slows down as you squad member in front of you is hit by a sniper bullet.

You quickly run to your fallen friend and drag him into the building. Gun fire starts up and the gun burst look brilliant. It then cuts to a shot of you firing upon some advancing enemies, that not doing a great job of taking cover. The recoil looks quite wild but realistic. I imagine there will be some concerns with this, but I don’t think there should be. You crouch behind a bit of wall where you first experience some bullet impacts. The impacts kick dust and chips of the wall and again look great.

After mopping up some bad guys, you survey the area. Everything looks clear until a squad mate shouts, “RPG!”. You quickly take cover behind a van but not before the rocket propelled grenade hits the side of the van and sends you flying backwards.

The Battlefield 3 sign then appears on the screen and concludes the video.

This video pretty much confirms a number of things suspected after watching the Premiere Gameplay trailer, the main one being that the graphics are simply awesome. The video also details that Episode 2 will be released on the 17th March. Expect to hear form me then.

Check out the vid here.


Images thanks to the video at the Battlefield Youtube Channel.

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