Apple’s Accidental Portable Gaming Console

With out meaning to, Apple accidentally made themselves a contender in portable gaming.

With the release of the iPhone and iPod Touch also came hundreds developers creating thousands of games. All of the games available were fun, addictive and best of all, cheap, a lot of them were even free. Big-name game developers, like EA and Gameloft also began developing games and bring out versions of their big titles for iOS.

Without necessarily meaning to, Apple had created a portable gaming console. My Nintendo DS was left in it’s draw, my brother’s PSP forgotten, we were all to busy playing Doodle Jump.

In reply, Nintendo and Sony have had to step up their game. The 3DS being released this month has made the big step to 3D visuals and the NGP is to have a touchscreen and a touchpad. Those aren’t the only similarities between the NGP and the iPod Touch though, with Sony’s new software appearing to have iOS-like features.

Nintendo and Sony have new competition from an unlikely source, and with Apple becoming more and more popular, the battle is still yet to begin.

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