Jamie’s Coolest iPod Docks

Now we’ve all seen an iPod dock before. It is just a speaker, and sometimes radio or alarm clock, that you can plug your iPod into and it will play music through the speakers, and usually charge it too. Some are portable, and some are not.

Most iPod docks look just like regular radio or CD players, but from time to time you will see some really awesome looking ones. So here is a list of the coolest iPod docks I’ve seen.

Kyle Buckner’s Artistic iPod Dock

This dock would have to be the very definition of a hipster dock. It is smooth, sleek, and would like right at home in an art gallery. It is made from fiberglass, wood, plastic and aluminum, and has a built in speaker with 4 transducers. It can connect with any type of iPod or iPhone, and also has a jack which can connect to CD players, MP3 players, computers and satellite radio. It doesn’t come cheap though, at $2600.

Bower & Wilkins Zeppelin Speakers

These speakers are not called Zeppelin Speakers for no reason; they look like a big zeppelin. They would look awesome on a bench or above your bed. They have a three-way stereo system, two 3.5 inch midrange drivers, two 1 inch tweeters, and come with a matching remote and can hook up to your TV.

iCarta iPod Toilet Roll

If you are desperate to listen to your iPod whilst on the toilet, then this handy dock is for you. It attaches to the wall just like a regular toilet paper roll. It also charges your iPod, and can fold up and be used outside of the bathroom.

iStone Wabi and Sabi

These docks weigh about 2.5 kilos each, these docks really do rock. The Sabi is for the regular iPod, while the Wabi is for the iPod mini. Both can connect to your PC via USB 2.0, and support audio/video outputs.

R2-D2 iPod Dock

While this definitely does not come cheaply, at $2520, but it is extremely cool, especially for the Star Wars fanatic. As well as an iPod dock, it features wireless FM radio connection, DVD player, and a projector so you can play pictures onto the wall.

Jukebox iPod Dock

A vintage-style jukebox, made by Pacific Rim Technologies, this dock can support all iPod models. It also features a 6-inch subwoofer, CD player, FM radio, and a cool LED lighting system, and has two magnetically shielded tweeters and two mid-range drivers.

Parasync Multiple iPod Dock

This epic dock can charge up to 20 iPods or iPhones. It is the size of an A4 sheet of paper, so it is perfect for the family who own many iPods or iPhones. You can also connect the dock to your Mac and it can sync them all at once!

One Response to “Jamie’s Coolest iPod Docks”
  1. marcus says:

    i love the juke box and R2-D2 iPod Dock 🙂

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