What can we expect in reply to the iPad 2?

Currently, Apple dominate the tablet market. After all, they did define it. Other tablets struggle to keep up.

So how will the rest of the tablet world answer to Apple’s latest announcement?

I think it’s fairly obvious that they will mimic it in many ways. They will all probably have cameras, faster processors, better graphics and be thinner and lighter. What is uncertain however is just how close they will get to the iPad 2. Hopes are they will be close, equal to or even better then the iPad 2.

Not only can we expect improvements in hardware, but also software. A few upgrades of software here and there will reduce Apple’s lead.

No techie or gadget-guru (whatever you want to call us) likes to see one company dominate a particular market for too long. This year, I’d like to see a change of champion in the tablet tournament.


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