GarageBand for iPad review

As you’ve all obviously heard by now, the new iPad is out, and just hit the hands of American consumers today, however incase you didn’t know, Apple brought two of it’s much loved Mac OS X apps to the iPad at the same time as they announced the iPad 2 itself. iMovie and Garageband. Today I’m going to talk to you about Garageband, and even though video is more my scene than audio, I still beleive I have the ability to review an app like this!

You may remember in a previous post of Ewan’s, he talked about Tap DJ, and it’s functionalities. Garageband is much like this for iPad, except instead of like, ‘DJ-ing’ other music, you’re creating your own, and it’s really quite cool.

The app opens just like the iOS versions of Pages, Keynote and Numbers, to a screen showing your projects, complete with sharing options and the ability to create new projects or duplicate old ones. Tapping on the project brings you to the part of it you were working on last.

Along the top you have 11 buttons, one that takes you back to the project selection menu, an instruments button, where you can add a variety of smart instruments or even record your own instruments. You also have a thing to switch between the track editing area, (which functions very much like it does on the desktop version) and the area where you create the different musical tracks. Apple calls this view the Touch Instrument view. You can also add in apple loops, adjust track and song settings and bring up some helpful hints. Play, pause, record and go to beginning buttons are all also included in the menu along the top.

The Touch Instrument view is very intuitive and very cool. Tapping it from the track editing menu will take you back to the last instrument you were working with. In my case it was a “roots rock” guitar. You can switch between chords and notes, and there is this crazy feature called Autoplay. It basically does what the name suggests, autoplays. You can chose what level of autoplay you want, ranging from off to four. The notes view allows you to play the guitar more like a guitar. You tap the notes you wish to play and can even bend the strings if desired. Along the top there are different sort of sound effects you can add to it, adjusting treble for example or some other property of the audio you’re putting out. This is just for the guitar view, piano and drums are equally full featured and usable, with a very nice looking skin that is applied depending on the type of instrument you are playing.

These are just a few of the awesome features you have in the iOS version of Garageband, and I would love to cover them all but as of right now I have no time so I might be able to come back and finish off later!

I highly recommend Garage Band for iOS to anybody who loves to make music and I’d give it an 8/10, it really is great and is awesome fun to use even if you are not a professional musician.

Buy Garage Band for iPad here, this app really is a steal at $4.99

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