Josh Topolsky and Nilay Patel leave

Joining Paul Miller and Ross Miller, Josh and Nilay have now officially left the team.

You may remember a post I did a couple weeks back when Paul Miller left the Engadget crew. I definetly did not expect to be doing another one so similar.

Josh Topolsky (Ex editor-in-chief) and Nilay Patel (Ex managing editor) have now officially left the Engadget team, joining the likes of Paul Miller and Ross Miller. Paul left over issues with the leaked article “The AOL Way” yet Nilay and Josh have cited personal reasons for the matter, more along the lines of “a new chapter in life” sort of thing.

You may be wondering why I am posting this. Josh, Paul and Nilay inspired me to create this site,, and I think they deserve a bit of credit for the amazing work they have done on Engadget. Listening to their podcasts, watching the Engadget show and reading all of their great posts will be dearly missed, and I say good luck to them, in whatever venture they go after next.

You can read Josh’s post about him leaving here, and Nilay’s here.

It’s worth saying that Josh isn’t going to be gone completely, with him still being there to host engadget shows and advise on some matters, but with basically the three biggest names from gone now, I have a sad feeling it may become a different place.


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