Get iMovie running on your original iPad!

Hey everybody, while browsing the web over the last couple of days I stumbled upon a great little trick featured on, basically showing you how to install iMovie on your 1st generation iPad.

It is very very simple to do, and does not even require a jailbreak! Here’s the details, found on gizmodo and originally from fscklog.

• Install the latest version of iPhone Configuration Utility 3.3 (MacWindows)
• Download iMovie from iTunes
• Open iPhone Configuration Utility
• Click applications on the left side and click open iMovie
• Connect your original iPad to your computer and click the install button

It really is as simple as that, and takes a very short amount of time. I ran into a bit of difficulty installing the iPhone Confiuration Utility on my iMac, but basically because I wasn’t patient and thought the install wasn’t working. It was, I just wasn’t giving it time. Let it go, and it will eventually install.

Apple claims it doesn’t support the first generation because it isn’t powerful enough to handle the software. Believe me, it’s plenty powerful, and iMovie ran like a dream on my first generation iPad. Possibly even better than Garageband, which you can read my review on here.


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