The spread of iOS

It truly is amazing how much iOS and it’s apps have influenced technology everywhere.

In an earlier article, Hamish discussed the success of Angry Birds, a prime example. Angry Birds went from a little iOS app to a mobile device phenomena.

This isn’t the only app that has had success like this, with games like Doodle Jump and Fruit Ninja also being released on different formats. Not only games, but successful utility applications like Shazam and a number of alarm clock apps, designed for iOS, have been made available on Android, WP7 and even Symbian^3.

So what makes iOS so successful?

It could be its popularity. People with an iPhone rave about their newly downloaded app to their Android user friend, pushing up the demand for that app to be released on Android. It could however just be developers attempting to cash in elsewhere.

What do you think?


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