Medl Mobile’s Alliance

Our friends over at Medl Mobile have just recently started up a new initiative, and they call it the Medl Alliance.

The idea of it sounds really cool. If you’re an iOS user, you have almost certainly noticed the shear number of apps residing in Apple’s App Store, and if you’re an iOS developer you’d be feeling this strain even more, with your app getting lost amongst the thousands and thousands of apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Medl Mobile’s Alliance is wanting to fix this problem, and I am grateful they are out to try because let’s face it, unless you have an unbelievably innovative and good idea for an app, it probably will end up getting lost among the masses of other apps.

Basically Medl wants to buy your apps, they “believe that if properly optimized, marketed and monetized”, apps that aren’t doing that great can turn into something big, and start generating some real revenue for both Medl and the original developer. Medl determines the percentage of money the original developer gets based on the app completion, app history, past revenues and their projected costs to upgrade it to something really profitable and good.

All round the system seems to look pretty good, and if you’re an iOS developer with an app that looks like it’s struggling a bit, you should definitely give this a look here.


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