False – Creator of Pokemon Died in Japan Earthquake

There have been a lot of rumours flying about after the tragedy in Japan, and one of these is that the creator of Pokemon, Satoshi Tajiri, died in the earthquakes.

This is false. Nintendo have issued this statement. “During the earthquake, no one at Nintendo in Japan was injured and there was no apparent structural damage.”

Also, Satoshi Tajiri said this on his Facebook page. “Dear Hummingbirds, what’s this nonsense about me being dead? Also, I don’t work at Nintendo Japan, I’m the CEO of Game Freak (everybody is fine). More importantly, if you can, help Japan.”

4 Responses to “False – Creator of Pokemon Died in Japan Earthquake”
  1. Ducknose says:

    Looks like some people got OWNED but it is good that he is alive. It is good for the Japanese economy that we might even buy more of their games out of sympathy.

  2. joseph says:

    i thought this was a technology reviewing site?

    • jamiereiter says:

      Yes, but I guess telling people this man isn’t dead is a bit more important than sticking to our regular news. Also it involves the internet, which I believe counts as technology.

    • Hamish Prior says:

      We cover technology news, reviews and articles. Consider this one like an article that’d fall under the alt segment of Engadget, for example.

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