Modern Warfare 3: Do’s and Don’ts

While little is actually know about the game, there has been an incredible amount of speculation about Modern Warfare 3. Where will it be set? What will you be able to do? What new things will be added?

Truth is, the Call of Duty franchise needs to prove itself again. With the beautiful Battlefield 3 on approach plus an army of other war games marching their way forward, the pressure lies on Sledgehammer to keep their head above water. But just how should they go about it? Here are a few Do’s and Don’t for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.


  1. Listen to the public! Treyarch did for Black Ops and that definitely helped them.
  2. Include something more then singleplayer and multiplayer. Spec Ops and Zombies have both been very popular and it would be a mistake not to include something like these again.
  3. Rethink Rank up system. Some found the MW2 rank up system a bit boring and others didn’t the COD points system of Black Ops. I think it needs to be somewhere in the middle.
  4. Have a longer campaign with a good story line. The MW2 campaign was criticised for being short and over-the-top.
  5. New game modes and include wager matches.
  6. Co-op Campaign!
  7. Bring back quick-scoping or something to keep those try-hards entertained.
  8. Ability to toggle night-vision and thermal black-to-white and white-to-black in multiplayer.
  9. Make it so you can play wager match game modes without gambling.
  10. Keep Theatre Mode. An awesome addition.


  1. No Tactical Nukes or any other devastating killstreaks.
  2. Two words. RC Car.
  3. I’m not really a big fan of claymores. I’d like to see those taken out of the game.
  4. Definitely not any perks like Commando of Last Stand, they got very, very annoying.
  5. Don’t make a level in space. There was a rumour that there would be a level in outer space which sounds just ridiculous.
  6. Do not make all singleplayer missions run and gun. Stealth missions are a lot of fun.
  7. Don’t restrict game modes to two player split-screen. I want to play Zombies with more then just one other person.
  8. Don’t make the game unnecessarily violent. Neck-snapping melee is not welcome.
  9. Don’t make it a one-man army game. Improve the AI of our teammates so they stop blocking our shots.

Let me know which ones you agree or disagree with, I may have missed some out as well.

Thanks to for the image, edited by myself.

5 Responses to “Modern Warfare 3: Do’s and Don’ts”
  1. Merlin says:

    when you say “devastating killstreaks” does that include chopper gunner and/or AC 130?? because personally i love those killstreaks, i do agree with the nuke bit though, they just ruin the match for everyone else :\

  2. Marcus says:

    agree with most but keep claymores, fun to watch out for them

  3. ProTime says:

    Agreed with most but claymores, and what about One Man Army? REMOVE IT! It’s rediculously overpowered, or atleast nerf it a lot.

    Chopper Gunner/AC 130 were fine – they just need more overhead cover that will protect you from those killstreaks

    Remove deathstreaks! it’s a reward for failing at a game, if you fail at a game, GET BETTER OR GTFO!

    Slow down the animation going to prone, make it more realistic so that it’s not OP.

    They need to balance practically EVERYTHING, from perks to guns and gun attachements, and honestly, I will buy BF games over COD games from MW2 onwards as they are really AAA titles, compared to COD’s shoddily put together, barely A games.

    • Ewan Roxburgh says:

      I know Claymores are quite popular, but I find them quite annoying. Maybe I should try using them a bit more 😛

      Chopper Gunner and AC130 are fine, I was more concerned about Tactical Nukes.

      Yes, deathstreaks are very annoying. I don’t think it’s entirely fair to not give the losers anything, but only a slight help. Maybe an new attachment for one spawn?

      Battlefield do an incredible amount of balancing work which does pay off. COD developers should spend more time and effort to achieve the same results.

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