Battlefield 3: Fault Line Episode 2

As promised, the 17th March has been and gone and a new Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer has been released.

I’ll keep this post as brief as I can.

Basically, the gameplay video shows you and your squad (the same squad as the previous trailer) attempting to take out a sniper from the top of a nearby building. It looks like it may have led on from the previous trailer as the environment looks quite similar and the objective doesn’t seem to distant from the first.

I’m going to repeat myself again, just because I think it is shaping up to be an amazing thing about this game. The graphics just look wonderful; they’re the most promising I think I’ve ever seen in a shooter.

Anyway, along with the video. So, you break out onto this roof space and immediately a large sniper bullet shoots past your squad, exploding a nearby plant pot. The destruction starts to look pretty good here, as we should expect from the revamped Frostbite engine. This, of course, starts a chorus of swearing as you and your squad dart between cover as sniper bullets thump melodically into the concrete around you. As I said in my last post, the bullet impact looks brilliantly real and is sure to add to the tension dramatically. You eventually make it out to a low wall and you and your squad enter prone and crawl along the floor. This is the first time in awhile that DICE have included prone in one of their games and is sure to be a much welcome addition. I do hope though that if this feature is included in the multiplayer they balance it dramatically to prevent drop shotting. A technique I very much loathe in the Call of Duty franchise. Your cover starts to get pecked away by the 50 calibre sniper bullets, again, the damage looks promising at this stage.

What you begin to notice at this stage is how clear the objectives are and how precise and military-like this game appears to be. Your squad members discuss their plan of action before counting down then providing cover fire as you launch a rocket at the sniper’s building. This is when the destruction really shines as the building crumples from the forces and begins to collapse. How this will be used in the singleplayer and the multiplayer will be interesting to see.

That concludes the video.

From this video, I’m glad to see the reintroduction of prone and that the damage is good, even to a minimal scale. Again, the graphics and bullet impact looks superb. The objectives seem to be clear laid out and presented in a realistic and precise way.

My main concerns would be the generic mission types that seem to be appearing. Do this, find this, kill this, blow this up. This is more or less the same in all shooters and I’d like to see a change. Until I see a few videos regarding the multiplayer I will still be anxious about that too. I’m sure DICE will do a fine job with it however as it is their speciality.

2 Responses to “Battlefield 3: Fault Line Episode 2”
  1. Mr_Bones757 says:

    hmm, yes, im waiting for this to be released, currently looking at the preorder offer on for 79.99 i think, special edition of course. The trailers have looked good – ive watched it on youtube. Is there a link to it on this site? Maybe link to youtube?

    Need to con my mum in to letting me get it =D

    • Ewan Roxburgh says:

      I’m also seriously considering a preorder.

      Fortunately I got the Limited Edition of Medal Of Honor so I will receive an invitation to the Beta at some stage.

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