Video Game Violence Ratings

A popular talking point here in Australia, and I’m sure the world, is the classification of violent video games.

Now, here in Australia, we currently don’t have an 18+ categorisation for video games. Highly graphic games are usually categorised into 15+, but extremely violent games can sometimes be banned from entering the country.

The fear with most parents is that the creation of an 18+ category will allow these extremely violent games into the country. This may not be the case though. In my opinion, games should still be reviewed before entering the country; there are truly some horrible games out there.

I don’t wholeheartedly agree with an 18+ category though. I actually think that the whole Australian classification system should be reviewed.

At the moment we just have G (everyone), PG (parental guidance), M (mature audiences) and MA (restricted 15+ unless with parental/guidance permission). In film there is a 18+ category. In other countries, such as countries into the U.K., the classifications system is much more specific with there being much more categories. This means that when your are buying a product, you have a better idea of what themes, language and violence the product will contain.

Now, I’m not condemning the violent games that we all love to play. I don’t think games like Call of Duty should be included in an 18+ category, but for games more like Grand Theft Auto. The variety of content in the 15+ category is just too vast and we need to know for sure what we are going to experience playing these games.

The laws are currently being debated in Australian politics.


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2 Responses to “Video Game Violence Ratings”
  1. Daniel says:

    Hopefully we’ll get a better system overall… the one we have now is so… terrible =(

  2. Dion says:

    Lovely write, stylish blog design, carry on the good work

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