Internet through TV Antennas?

This morning, as I watched the morning news, I saw this impressive new invention from the national science agency here in Australia, CSIRO. Australian inventors are responsible for Wi-Fi and although their latest invention may not be as revolutionary, it is sure to be as handy.

The device, similar in appearance to a TV antenna, can receive directed internet signals sent using an analog signal. The important thing here is directed. The system was designed to covert the 7% of Australia not covered by the government initiative, the National Broadband Network. They clearly said that the system would currently not work in urban areas due to interference and radial signals are not yet being produced, but has to be pointed at the receiver.

The spokesperson on the tele said that they were currently able to transfer at speeds of 12mb/s second, which is pretty decent, but they  were hoping to reach speeds of 50 mb/s, download and upload.

Although this is exciting, it is still in it’s testing and prototype stage by the look of things, and might be a bit before it can be made available to those who need it. It is however, very exciting science we hope will one day got towards wireless internet everywhere.

Check out the video here


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One Response to “Internet through TV Antennas?”
  1. Ducknose says:

    I guess that this would be a good alternative to using the telephone lines for my grandmother who lives down south. The claimed speeds don’t sound that bad, considering that it can be mounted where you normally have your TV antenna. I would still prefer the NBN in urban areas anyway because wireless of any type (except home networking) doesn’t hold well with me as my only source of internet; it is not as reliable and this will probably be expensive at first. Anyway, I want my NBN. Lay some cable down in WA NBNCo!

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