iPad 2 launch liveblog

Lines are already forming! I won’t be up at my local store until 9AM tomorrow, but if you have any news from where you are, head over to our launch hub and upload pics, have your say, whatever you want really

So guys, I just arrived at the Doncaster store now and already the line is getting retty big! I highly recommend you get up here soon if you want a chance at getting the iPad 2 on launch day!

The line is continuing to grow, I’m in now with my friend James. Also worth noting big w right near apple store is selling those fold up chairs for $7 so I recommend buying one of them before you join the line!

My section of the line is very cramped for space at the moment! Got me and my friend on two fold out chairs, and another smaller friend on the ground at our feet. We’ll survive!

(10:52 AM) These chairs are everywhere! Line is very cramped with them all! Just went to go get some chocolate and a drink, settling in now.

(11:32 AM) Guys if you head over to gallery.me.com/hamishprioryou can upload your photos from the lineup! Just click on the upload button in the toolbar along the top of the page. Also if your looking for me, I’m about half way through the row second to the back in a white Tshirt on a black fold out chair πŸ™‚

Just been and got lunch. The line looks to be getting continually longer, and has doubled back making another row behind us.

(1:19 PM) Security guards have just bunched us up tighter. Seems a bit futile considering the line is growing so fast anyway. Definetly a smart system for getting everybody out of the way this time though.

(1:23 PM) A camera man and news reporter have just rocked up at the Doncaster store. Can’t tell where they’re from but I guess this was expected.

(1:39 PM) News guys are still here, now interviewing people near the front of the line. Shame we’re too deep in to get an interview ourselves! Also please excuse any spelling errors, I’m actually blogging from my iPhone right now. Follow me on twitter too! @hamletpri

(2:25 PM) Not much progression here. The line is continuing to grow, it’s looped round the corner, I really hope for those people’s sake that Apple have enough. Just FaceTimed Robert Clark, editor of http://www.omnitechnews.net way over in America. That was cool!

(2:48) Apple just got everybody to stand up and bunch together. That’s a bummer. On the plus side though, the end is in site. Apple is setting up the curtain now, meaning iPad 2s will surely be set up for sale soon!

(3:14 PM) legs starting to hurt now…

(3:27 PM) Anybody expecting to swing round about now and line up, be careful. I can’t even see the end of the line anymore, it’s curved round the corner. Also just wanted to say thanks for visiting the site today, really good and we’ve generated a ton of traffic from this so thank you!

(4:11 PM) 50 mins to go everybody. Apple has started to hand out special cards to make sure everybody gets the right one and streamline the process. Quite a good idea! Excited everybody?

(4:44 PM) Just 15 mins left everybody! My phone’s about dead so that’s it from me for now, but I’ll be back with a wrap up of the day and first impressions of iPad 2 as soon as possible! be sure to check back, and thanks for all the interest today, really has been great and generated a bunch of traffic for us!


So guys, I ended up getting back to my house around 6:30 with my iPad 2! Really really awesome device, and I should have a review up soon! Thanks everybody for checking out the site today. We really really do this site for you guys, and when we get a whole bunch of visitors at once it really inspires us to bring you more! So thank you for today, our best day yet!

9 Responses to “iPad 2 launch liveblog”
  1. Ducknose says:

    It would be really funny if the Apple resellers had no people at 5pm and had some iPads in stock. πŸ™‚ Have fun there. Don’t starve to death! What devices did you bring with you other than your iPhone 4? I will be on an excursion today, to the Perth Zoo, for a school excursion. I will be having fun sweating in

    30+ temps but at least you’re in a shopping centre so it should be warmer than the miserable outside. Do you have a plan if the Apple store runs out of the model you want? Will you get a higher model if you have to? or will you come back later?

    Hope you get one today Hamish:)

    • Hamish Prior says:

      Hey mate.
      Turned out jbhifi had a couple I think, definetly had plenty at the apple store though so didn’t need to worry about a back up plan in the position I was in in the line. I brought my dad’s first generation iPad (I sold my old one) and a good pair of headphones and I was all set. How was the zoo?
      Thanks mate, it was a good day!

      • Daniel says:

        Dunno why ducknose hasnt answered, but in my opinion, it was pretty fun apart from the fact that we had to run around and finish off a booklet =( Got home super tired.

        P.S. Me & Ducknose go to the same school, he told me about this website, it’s pretty cool.

  2. James says:

    Hey Hamish, just congratulating you on how many hits you got today.
    Everyone keep visiting this site. Have fun with the iPad.

  3. Holly says:

    loving my mention; my smaller friend at our feet.
    yeah…thanks for that mish.

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