iPad 2 launch day wrap up and first impressions

After many long hours spent in the iPad 2 lineup, we’ve all finally gotten home, and had a good chance to have a play with our new toys. The lineup was just as awesome as it has been in the past, which actually surprised me. I came up yesterday morning around nine A.M. with hopes definitely not as high as they had been for the first iPad and the iPhone 4, mainly because of the time of day. There’s a certain element of excitement, that comes along with waking up at an un-godly hour of the morning, and making your way up to a local Apple store, to spend the rest of that night with other people sharing the same interests as you. It seems however, that a 5PM launch was basically the same, just without the darkness, earliness and tiredness. It seems everybody had a pretty great time. I know I did. I was there with two of my friends, James and Holly, and we were sitting between two other groups of pretty nice, and easy to talk to people. We got through the day eating junk-food, talking and listening to music, and in my case, talking to a whole bunch of other Apple nerds like me. I’ll put up some photos bellow, but if any of you have your own you want to share, email them to me at hamish@syncint.com and I’ll see if I can get them on the site!


iPad 2 first impressions

Well to say the least, this feels like a totally new device. You can not understand the speed of the thing, or just how thin and light it is until you actually hold it in your hands. I’ll keep the first impressions short, and give you a full thorough review later, but suffice to say, this is a very speedy and sleek tablet from Apple.

3 Responses to “iPad 2 launch day wrap up and first impressions”
  1. Ducknose says:

    It seems like you had a good time queueing up for your iPad. Now to the bombardment or questions.

    Did your friends get one too or did they just accompany you for the experience? What fast food did you eat? 🙂 Was the apple store open for people who weren’t wanting to get an iPad e.g. if I wanted to get a 13″ MBP, would I still be able to go in and buy one yesterday? or would they say bugger off. Did you find anybody in the queue who wanted a 3G version? or did the majority want a wi-fi only device. Do the units come fully charged or do you have to do them yourself?

    Keep on working on that review Hamish 🙂

    • Hamish Prior says:

      Hey mate. Both of my friends also bought one. James bought one for himself and Holly was out with cash her parents had given her to Buy her sister one for her birthday. The guys next to us in the line were happy to watch our spot while we left for about 10-15 mins to go get some Maccas for lunch, so that was nice. Of course we had the bag of party snickers too. Apple handed out cupcakes and waters for free too so that was good. Yeah they stayed open until 3PM like normal and en closed up to prepare for the launch so you could basically till then. After that though it was mahem inside and they were basically turning buyers away if they weren’t in the queue for ages. Lots of people wanted 3G but most of us including me had iPhones or android devices capable of making a wireless hotspot anyway so it wasn’t of too much concern to them.
      I think mine was about 80% charged when I took it out of the box.

      I will have the review out soon!

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