Must Have iPod/iPhone Accessories

If you’ve just got a new iPod or iPhone or have had one for awhile, you’ll be fully aware of just how many accessories are out there. Obviously, you don’t need accessories although there are a few I’d definitely recommend you getting.


Although your device has come with a set of Apple headphones, don’t rejoice. Apple headphones almost always break within a few months. Like most things, the more you spend, the better you get. There are many headphone brands out there so it really just depends what  suits you best. I’m a fan of over-ear headphones. To read my review on the Sony MDRV500DJs, click here. To read Jamie’s review on the Sennheiser SD 201’s, click here.


To protect your device, a case is a must. It doesn’t really matter which case you get although wallet cases can be a bit risky. Wallet cases sometimes don’t stay attached to your device all that well and you may need to remove them from the wallet occasionally to use the device effectively. I’d suggest maybe having a hard case and a silicon case. Hard cases clip onto the back of the device, providing protection but keeping the shape and style of the device. They can also make the device slip easier into your pocket. Silicon cases provide more protection and are more easily removed but slipping it into your pocket it a bit harder.

Screen Protector

When it comes to screen protector, there are two options. A mirrored or glossy screen and matte screens. Mirrored or glossy screens wouldn’t be my recommendation unless you want a mirrored screen of course. Light reflects of them really easily making them hard to see in sunlight, or even in a brightly lit room. I use matte finish screen protectors, providing a great amount of protection whilst also being able to see the screen. Screen protectors also help prevent the screen from cracking as well, a common occurrence with iPod Touches and earlier iPhone models. To give you an example, when I drove off with my iPod on the car roof, the screen did not suffer one crack. My iPod had fallen from the car at high speed, possibly been run over and then carted off to the police station where I finally collected it. All that and not one crack thanks to my protector and silicon case.

iPod Speakers

This is probably the least most important accessory, but to me, it’s well worthwhile. Again, there are many iPod Speakers out there that have a number of features and it all depends on how much you want to spend. You can get decent speakers for about $100 in sales though. When looking for a speaker, you want something that can be quite portable, play loud and has good sound quality. Those are the basics, but you can get things like subwoofers and radios included in them as well. I have a pair of Logitech portable speakers which are fairly old but still pretty good and Kicker seem to have quite a good range too.


Wall and Car Chargers

Thanks to our good friend KT, I was reminded how invaluable wall and car chargers are. These are an absolute must! Apple don’t provide chargers with their products unless you get them bundled in, so the only way you can charge them is by USB into your computer. If you are a bit of a techie, chances are you probably have a USB charger lying around somewhere but for most people, I definitely get out there a pick one up.

3 Responses to “Must Have iPod/iPhone Accessories”
  1. KT says:

    HEY!!!!!!! YOUR FORGETTING WALL AND CAR CHARGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Idalia says:

    hello there, fine blog site, and a good understand! one for my bookmarking.

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