My most recent Facebook annoyance

Recently Facebook made a small update to their already shocking Facebook for iPhone app, and it seems it has come over the air to only a few users. Some of my friends have it, some don’t, but it really does make things annoying.

The first time I saw it, I was actually excited, I thought “Oh great! Facebook finally has a great messages UI on the iPhone!” I was wrong. As it seems, all your IM’s on facebook go into your inbox when you’re on your iPhone, and more annoyingly, anything you send out of there (back to the IM) comes through to the other computer based user as a message. This sounds pretty insignificant, but let me put you into my shoes. I message only a few of my friends, however I message those few friends quite frequently, and in most cases, each person’s message is contained within one, really, really long message. Lets say I started a chat with I don’t know, Cassie. Let’s also say Cassie was on her iPhone, and she got my chat message, and decided to reply from the messages section of the app. “Hey Hamish, what’s up?” would come through to me as one message in my inbox. The next thing she sends in the chat comes through to me as another entirely sperperate facebook message, not chat. This clogs up my Facebook messages inbox, and every single reply somebody sends from their iPhone (in the messages section) comes through as an individual message, leaving me to go round and clean up my Facebook inbox, which believe me, can be quite a hassle.

If only I could leave facebook…

2 Responses to “My most recent Facebook annoyance”
  1. Ducknose says:

    Sounds like you’re suffering man, BIG TIME! If only people we would listen to this, “Prevention is better than cure.” I guess facebook comes under one of these ‘better to not sign up’ services then. You are making facebook sound like a chore now. If I had no sympathy I would be saying, “SUCK!” but I do. So, there there Hamish. 😦

    If only you could leave, if only…

    So, how’s that switch to squarespace going?

    • Hamish Prior says:

      Yeah, sometimes it does seem a bit like a chore. It’s definitely useful to interact with friends, just the execution of that in their apps and some components of the site leave a bit to be desired.

      The switch over seems to be going to plan right now, we’re gradually working on the site over this week then meeting up on the weekend to do some serious site building team work. If all goes well, we should be across by mid next week.

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