The wonders of Fliboard

Flipboard, what an interesting topic. To be honest, I’m actually quite surprised I haven’t covered this app before, because it really is gold, especially at it’s insanely cheap price for what it is, of free.

What started out as a very rocky launch, with Fliboard’s servers becoming totally overwhelmed and unable to handle the stress of the shear number of users trying to use it, turned into a wild success, so fast that those problems I just mentioned occurred. Fliboard is basically just a fancy news reader, managing to organise all your RSS feeds, twitter feeds and even personal Facebook and Twitter accounts. Hoorah, you might be thinking, but there’s one killer feature that sets Fliboard appart from other news readers, such as Pulse and Net News Wire, and that is the way it formats all this information. Fliboard makes all those feeds and accounts look just like a magazine, and after a continued number of updates, it does the job really quite well. You know when you see those Apple ads, where there’s some guy, and he like, picks up his iPad off the stack of magazines on the kitchen counter, and picks up his coffee at the same time? This app makes you feel just like your doing that, it really is cool. You can even set specific parts of say, your Facebook news feed into a whole section of the app, like for example any photos uploaded by anybody, or you can even be as specific and Facebook stalker enough to pull any photos and/or statuses from a specific person too. All round a great app, I highly recomend you download it now if you have an iPad, it’s loads of fun, yet practical at the same time. Also, it’s free!


Download Fliboard here, and head over to their site here.

One Response to “The wonders of Fliboard”
  1. Ducknose says:

    Mmmm, seems like an interesting app, even for those who don’t have twitter or facebook. I like the idea of organising RSS feeds though as they can be quite a handful at times. I just watched the video and I must say that the interface is sick as. A very cool way to access information that would otherwise be shown in a dull browser/app. This is making me more jealous of iPads; first the teacher gets one and uses it in class and then this.

    Don’t tell me you facebook stalk. 🙂

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