Battlefield 3: Fault Line Episode III

Called “Get That Wire Cut”, the new Battlefield 3 video was posted yesterday.

Check the video out here first.


A dirty job.

The video opens with a brief snippet of writing detailing your character, Sgt Black, has been tasked to follow a suspicious wire. The screens then switches to footage crawling through air ducts. The small splinter of light that illuminates from your torch glows in the darkness. It’s not known how much torches will be used in the game, but it you were able to turn them on and off, like Halo, that would be pretty cool. A rat then scurries past just as another tremor shakes the duct.

The detail in this short landing sequence is incredible.

After crawling through another section of duct, you jump through into a small room. The fall and the land is amazingly realistic and the detail DICE have put into the game soon becomes very apparent. Sgt Black quickly locates the wire and follows it to the suspected IED (improvised explosive device). You then pull out one of the plugs, but quickly swirl around as a bad guys hits you. This starts a brutal melee skirmish, that appears playable, that eventually ends with you flooring him and ripping out the remaining wire.

I hope, this team mate is ducking out of the way for you.

It then cuts to Sgt Black leaving through a Laundromat and entering a street for of allies and gunfire. You quickly leg it down the road and pop a guy in a bridge above you. What I then noticed here looked quite amazing. Unintelligent AI frustrates the heck out of gamers. There is nothing more annoying when a computer-controlled team mate blocks your shots. Well, if what I think I saw here is true, DICE may have just solved our problem. Just as you’re about to line up your shot to your right, the squad mate whose run in front of you dives down to take cover behind a box. This may well just be a coincidence, but I hope, I hope that this actually happens.

My gun is WAY bigger then yours. Step aside.

It then cuts again to you wielding an LMG, raining down fire to a bunch of baddies below. What you notice is that there a bad guys everywhere. They spill out of every building, street, alleyway, making enemy movement unpredictable. The empty bullet shells fly out of your weapon and the flashes of enemy gunfire look amazing. After nailing a few more bad guys, and a few explosions later, you glance up as you reload. A chopper hovers above you, spewing out bullet casings. This then ends the video.

See you then.

A final message (after a very brief flash of footage showing a vehicle tipping sideways) reads ” Full 12 minute reveal April 17.” See you then 😛

4 Responses to “Battlefield 3: Fault Line Episode III”
  1. joseph says:

    are people actually excited about this game?

    • Ducknose says:

      My friends are. I guess they count as some? Well they’ve pre-ordered the special edition so I guess that means that they are excited. I am personally not; mainly because I am not the biggest gamer in the world. 🙂

      • Ewan Roxburgh says:

        I’ve seriously considered preordering the Special Edition as well, but other editions might be announced soon.

        I was lucky enough to get the Limited edition of Medal of Honor though, meaning I will get an invitation to the Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Beta once it goes online.

    • Ewan Roxburgh says:

      Yes, I think people genuinely are. Battlefield 2 was an incredibly successful PC game and DICE are very successful developers. After Medal Of Honor though, I think people will be a bit more skeptical, but no doubt there will be some excitement for it as critics are already getting quite anticipated.

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