My Experience With The Nintendo 3DS Camera

Though, sadly, we weren’t able to attend the 3DS event a few days ago, I was able to have a try with a 3DS today, specifically the camera. And I have good news.

The photo’s taken with the 3Ds look really cool. While normal photos, of perhaps a tree, look pretty neat on the 3DS, the best photos are the ones where something is pointing towards the camera. A photo was taken of me with my hands outstretched towards the camera, and that looked amazing. The hands were on a completely different level to my face, and it gave a fantastic 3D effect.

There are two cameras placed on the back of the DS,and while I don’t really know what I’m took about, I’m guessing that these cameras take two different photos from different angles, then combines this to create the 3D effect. Another thing I liked was there was a small switch on the side of the 3DS which could quickly and simply turn the device from 3D to 2D.

The only thing I was frustrated with about the camera on the 3DS was that it was hard to view the photos. You really had to view it one at a time, because if the DS wasn’t directly in front of you, it looked 2D.

Apart from that, I thought the 3Ds Camera was awesome.

Also, I thinks it’s a good thing to note that 3Ds photos can be viewed on 3D-enabled computers and TV’s. I’m guessing you can probably view them on 2D too.

4 Responses to “My Experience With The Nintendo 3DS Camera”
  1. Marcus says:


  2. joseph says:

    who brought one to school? (i go to the same school as jamie and marcus)

  3. joseph says:

    yeah i know him

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