Nuisance Nintendo

Since the release of the Nintendo 3DS recently, a spate of problems have been spread over the internet.

Users have been reporting visual problems, crashing, errors and new reports have started coming through that the 3DS only costs around $100 to make.

Those who have used the 3DS will tell you that although the glasses-free 3D visuals are clever, there is a very tight angle you can view them at. Not long after it’s launch reports began coming through that 3Ds owners were suffering errors and system crashes. It is not known how widespread these failures as information is limited.

For those unhappy with their 3Ds whether it’s crashing or they have difficulties with the visuals, the reports that it may only cost about $100 to make will only anger them further.

Information from the research firm IHS iSuppli found that the components cost $100.71 per unit with an added $2.52 manufacturing charge. With the retail charge adding up to around $300, there must be a large software charge, but I imagine you’d struggle telling frustrated users that.

Not all users are having these difficulties though, and I’m sure most owners will be very pleased with their purchase. Nintendo won’t be too happy though, but Sony are probably rubbing their hands together and should be taking notes, with their NGP release due later this year.


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