Ewan’s Modern Warfare 3 Wishlist

With the massively anticipated release of Modern Warfare 3 creeping closer and closer, I thought it was about time to reflect on the previous Call of Duty games, and think about what I wanted in the next release.
A Reinvention

I think it’s fair to say that since the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2007, the series really has not changed all that much. With Sledgehammer replacing Infinity Ward as developer, I think it’s a good chance to really make some much needed changes in the series. Simple things like new multiplayer games modes, new characters and new campaign locations to much larger things like a co-op campaign, would all interest slightly bored players.

Although the visuals of Modern Warfare 2 were good, Black Ops’ visuals weren’t quite up to the same standard. I’d like MW3 to not only be better Black Ops, but take a large step forward. I know it sounds strange but it would be nice to have some changes to the menus as well. The MW2 menus were bland and boring but the Black Ops menus were much more interesting.

I’m not a big fan of the Black Ops unlock system, I don’t like that fact that I have to unlock the stuff and then buy it with my hard earned COD points. I’d prefer to either unlock them or buy them, I don’t want to have to do both.

Although the Modern Warfare 2 killstreaks turned out to be pretty horrible, often ending the game with a nuke going off, Treyarch hoped to improve this with Black Ops. And they did. But the Black Ops killstreak system didn’t offer the same satisfaction. I really liked the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare killstreaks, it offered satisfaction without creating devastating combos.

Something More!

Yes we love our singleplayer and LOVE our multiplayer, but something more is brilliant. I’m a huge fan of Spec Ops and Zombies and it would be great to see something like this again. Maybe a combination of the both, Zombie-based missions, or a whole Zombie co-op campaign.
Image thanks to gamerant.com
2 Responses to “Ewan’s Modern Warfare 3 Wishlist”
  1. Carl says:

    Hey Ewan,
    Nice article but I think many of these things wont happen mainly because of the fact that the producers simply can’t be f***** or don’t have enough time since activision are set on having a new cod released every year. You need at least 3 years to make a quality game with depth to it. Eitherway I’m still looking forward to the release date but honestly i don’t think this is gonna get any where near as good as mw2 or mw for that matter.

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