Nilesh’s Homefront Review

Hi guys. A friend of mine, Nilesh, has offered to write a guest review of the new game Homefront. So here it is, enjoy.

This is Nildog, a guest writer for Technoladget, lets just say I put the lad in technoladget. For my article I’m going to review the game, Homefront on PS3, however it also comes out on XBOX 360.

First off I will talk about the campaign. It has pretty sick story: It is the year is 2027 and America has been invaded by the unified North and South Korea. You play as Robert Jacobs, and ex pilot, who is  rescued as he is being taken to a slave camp. You embark on dangerous missions as a guerrilla fighter in the urban jungle.

The gameplay is slow compared to the Call Of Duty Franchise, however there is a sense of realness to the game. Since you are a guerrilla fighter you start with only a few mags worth of bullets, and it makes you scavenge for the enemys weapons and equipment. The campaign is thoroughly enjoyable although it is devastatingly short. You get behind the wheel of a few vehicles and sweet weapons but most of it is small firefights. For the future there aren’t many futuristic weapons available, theres still basically all the same equipment apart from emp grenades and airburst launchers and sentry towers. The game has lots of artwork and it was quite graphic, which was really cool. Homefront is definitely set up for a sequel.

Multiplayer on this game is sadly lacking. It has got nothing on Call Of Duty but the gameplay is completely different. I believe that Homefront multiplayer is much more realistic, the maps are huge and you have unlimited sprint which is good because you can move around much better. The coolest thing about Homefront hands down would be the vehicle spawning. In Homefront, when you do certain things you earn a number of battle points or bp, and once you’ve saved up enough of said bp you can respawn in a vehicle, which is heaps of fun. You can potentially be having tank battles on the ground or helicopter fights in the air. The multiplayer has clear flaws though. There is a small selection of weapons and it takes a long time to get different ones. Also its hard to play in a party online, unless you want to play one on one in a private match. Also, getting into a lobby online is quite hard, but once you’re in, partay!
This is one of the most unique shooters I have ever played, the story line is gripping and the online is very interactive. I liked this game and it was worth my moneys, out of 10 I would give it a seven or eight.

Cheers for reading, Nilsay.

One Response to “Nilesh’s Homefront Review”
  1. joseph says:

    great review nildog! i prey i more will be coming!

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