The ups and downs of an iPad 2 Smartcover

The iPad 2 really is a wonderful improvement from the first generation model, and I think one of the killer features in this upgrade are the magnets that secure the Smartcover, and I’m sure a lot more accessories to come. In this article I’m going to detail some of the best features of the Smartcover, and yes, some of the more annoying features.

The Ups

The Smartcover protects the screen of your device really well, whenever my iPad is not in use, the Smartcover is 95% of the time covering the front, and yes, I am yet to see a single massive scratch. The smartcover attaches itself beautifully to the side of the device, and the magnets really are strong, not just some tacky afterthought. Apple have thought enough to include tiny little rubber grip things, to avoid the bit side scratching the side of your iPad 2. Rolling back the smartcover to make it like a stand works just like they show in their ads, it’s quite cool, and i find myself rolling back a tiny bit of the cover just on one side to check little things like battery life for example.

The Downs

The back of the device is not protected. I understand what apple was saying with the Smartcover being specifically a cover, but I really am considering purchasing a cover for the back of my iPad 2 now that works with the Smartcover, such as Enki’s Genius case. Also I’ve noticed after leaving the Smartcover on my iPad for extended periods of time, little lines form in the little gaps between each fold of the cover, and I have no clue at all how they get there, they are like long marks in a line exactly where the folds are, and look just like when you breathe on glass and get that foggy effect. The smartcover is also a bit of a pain when gaming. Take a car racing game for example. You’re enthusiastically turning your iPad to steer your car along the track, but you have to hang on to the smartcover like the back of your iPad, and it definitely can slip up and down a bit, which sometimes makes you feel like you’re going to drop your iPad. Taking it off however, is as easy as clipping it on, so even then it’s hardly the biggest problem in the world.

Overall the Smartcover provides great protection of the ipad 2’s display, and really has a great design with the magnets and that, I think there are just a few little things that could be ironed out.

2 Responses to “The ups and downs of an iPad 2 Smartcover”
  1. Ducknose says:

    Well I guess it does what it was supposed to do (protect the display when you’re not using it) quite well and in a stylish manner. I admit that they do look the part especially when the teacher comes in with one on her iPad. Pricing isn’t the best part especially when you start looking at the leather ones but I guess that can be offset with the price reduction across the range on this new model, so it’s still cheaper overall. If people find the cover a hassle while playing games or doing other things then they can remove it, it is not that hard. It isn’t permanently attached, it is attached with some magnets!

  2. SteveP says:

    The smart cover is great. The only problem is there’s no option to use it as a stand for your iPad in Landscape orientation.

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