Wordpress No More

Hello everybody on the site right now. Technoladget has something really special they’d like to talk about, but there is every chance you’ve already noticed it, and this post isn’t going to get many hits at all.

Technoladget has now fully moved over to squarespace, so head over to www.technoladget.com and check out the new site!!

3 Responses to “Wordpress No More”
  1. Ducknose says:

    Hip hip hooray!

    There is one problem though, the hyperlink to the new website doesn’t work. that might need to be fixed first.

    • Hamish Prior says:

      yeah sorry that was a dud link huh? apart from this though, http://www.technoladget.com should be fully operational for everybody on all isps soon. It directs to the correct new site for me, but some people are still reporting that it directs to the wordpress site.

      • Ducknose says:

        The link that you posted in the reply works for me now. People can bookmark it once they find it or if it still doesn’t work, they can enter it manually.

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