Ewan’s Modern Warfare 3 Wishlist

With the massively anticipated release of Modern Warfare 3 creeping closer and closer, I thought it was about time to reflect on the previous Call of Duty games, and think about what I wanted in the next release. A Reinvention I think it’s fair to say that since the release of Call of Duty 4: … Continue reading

Nuisance Nintendo

Since the release of the Nintendo 3DS recently, a spate of problems have been spread over the internet. Users have been reporting visual problems, crashing, errors and new reports have started coming through that the 3DS only costs around $100 to make. Those who have used the 3DS will tell you that although the glasses-free … Continue reading

Battlefield 3: Fault Line Episode III

Called “Get That Wire Cut”, the new Battlefield 3 video was posted yesterday. Check the video out here first.   The video opens with a brief snippet of writing detailing your character, Sgt Black, has been tasked to follow a suspicious wire. The screens then switches to footage crawling through air ducts. The small splinter … Continue reading

Must Have iPod/iPhone Accessories

If you’ve just got a new iPod or iPhone or have had one for awhile, you’ll be fully aware of just how many accessories are out there. Obviously, you don’t need accessories although there are a few I’d definitely recommend you getting. Headphones Although your device has come with a set of Apple headphones, don’t … Continue reading

Video Game Violence Ratings

A popular talking point here in Australia, and I’m sure the world, is the classification of violent video games. Now, here in Australia, we currently don’t have an 18+ categorisation for video games. Highly graphic games are usually categorised into 15+, but extremely violent games can sometimes be banned from entering the country. The fear … Continue reading

Apple’s Accidental Portable Gaming Console

With out meaning to, Apple accidentally made themselves a contender in portable gaming. With the release of the iPhone and iPod Touch also came hundreds developers creating thousands of games. All of the games available were fun, addictive and best of all, cheap, a lot of them were even free. Big-name game developers, like EA … Continue reading

iPad 2 Thoughts

As I’m sure you’ll aware by now, the iPad 2 was announced last night, and man, what an excitement. I woke up to them covering it on the news, I read the tech specs as I brushed my teeth and at school, the classroom buzzed with the talk of a new iPad. But is it … Continue reading

The Technoladget Podcast

The name of this post really sums it up for this one guys, for our hundredth post ever; Technoladget is announcing a podcast, and we’re really looking forward to this one. We aim to bring you the same sort of technology news you know and love on technoladget.com, yet in a great audio format you … Continue reading

Star Wars on Blu-ray

I’m a big Star Wars fan! Who isn’t right?! Anyway, it’s a big year this year for us Starwarsians with the complete saga to be released on BluRay in September. Although the actual release date depends upon your location you’d hope to have it around then. There will be three different sets released: Star Wars: … Continue reading

Killzone 3 Singleplayer Impressions

With Killzone 3 now in stores I thought I better quickly give the Singleplayer demo a go. The Singleplayer plays exactly like the multiplayer; there is plenty of camera movement and it definitely feels “first person”. The demo opens up on you and your squad of low flying gunships, pumping lead into a bunch of … Continue reading