Battlefield 3: Fault Line Episode III

Called “Get That Wire Cut”, the new Battlefield 3 video was posted yesterday. Check the video out here first.   The video opens with a brief snippet of writing detailing your character, Sgt Black, has been tasked to follow a suspicious wire. The screens then switches to footage crawling through air ducts. The small splinter … Continue reading

Medal Of Honor 2 Confirmed

Just over a month ago, the Executive Producer of Medal Of Honor, Greg Goodrich confirmed that Medal Of Honor 2 is currently in development in this post of their website:

Video Game Violence Ratings

A popular talking point here in Australia, and I’m sure the world, is the classification of violent video games. Now, here in Australia, we currently don’t have an 18+ categorisation for video games. Highly graphic games are usually categorised into 15+, but extremely violent games can sometimes be banned from entering the country. The fear … Continue reading

Battlefield 3: Fault Line Episode 2

As promised, the 17th March has been and gone and a new Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer has been released. I’ll keep this post as brief as I can. Basically, the gameplay video shows you and your squad (the same squad as the previous trailer) attempting to take out a sniper from the top of a … Continue reading