Nilesh’s Homefront Review

Hi guys. A friend of mine, Nilesh, has offered to write a guest review of the new game Homefront. So here it is, enjoy. This is Nildog, a guest writer for Technoladget, lets just say I put the lad in technoladget. For my article I’m going to review the game, Homefront on PS3, however it … Continue reading

Battlefield 3: Fault Line Episode III

Called “Get That Wire Cut”, the new Battlefield 3 video was posted yesterday. Check the video out here first.   The video opens with a brief snippet of writing detailing your character, Sgt Black, has been tasked to follow a suspicious wire. The screens then switches to footage crawling through air ducts. The small splinter … Continue reading

Medal Of Honor 2 Confirmed

Just over a month ago, the Executive Producer of Medal Of Honor, Greg Goodrich confirmed that Medal Of Honor 2 is currently in development in this post of their website:

Video Game Violence Ratings

A popular talking point here in Australia, and I’m sure the world, is the classification of violent video games. Now, here in Australia, we currently don’t have an 18+ categorisation for video games. Highly graphic games are usually categorised into 15+, but extremely violent games can sometimes be banned from entering the country. The fear … Continue reading

Battlefield 3: Fault Line Episode 2

As promised, the 17th March has been and gone and a new Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer has been released. I’ll keep this post as brief as I can. Basically, the gameplay video shows you and your squad (the same squad as the previous trailer) attempting to take out a sniper from the top of a … Continue reading

Modern Warfare 3: Do’s and Don’ts

While little is actually know about the game, there has been an incredible amount of speculation about Modern Warfare 3. Where will it be set? What will you be able to do? What new things will be added? Truth is, the Call of Duty franchise needs to prove itself again. With the beautiful Battlefield 3 … Continue reading