Wordpress No More

Hello everybody on the site right now. Technoladget has something really special they’d like to talk about, but there is every chance you’ve already noticed it, and this post isn’t going to get many hits at all. Technoladget has now fully moved over to squarespace, so head over to http://www.technoladget.com and check out the new … Continue reading

Joanna Stern, Chris Ziegler also leave Engadget

Another two big names over at Engadget have also joined Paul Miller, Ross Miller, Joshua Topolsky and Nilay Patel as ex Engadget editors. I’ve always said how Engadget was a massive inspiration to me starting up Technoladget, and to see six of the biggest names over there leave on personal grounds and in some circumstances … Continue reading

The switch to Squarespace

Hey everybody, hope you all are well! Today I am going to talk about something us here at technoladget are really excited about, and we hope you are too. WordPress really has been great to us the past three months. Viewing page statistics, adding new posts and polls, and controlling some crazy commenters has never … Continue reading

iPad 2 launch day wrap up and first impressions

After many long hours spent in the iPad 2 lineup, we’ve all finally gotten home, and had a good chance to have a play with our new toys. The lineup was just as awesome as it has been in the past, which actually surprised me. I came up yesterday morning around nine A.M. with hopes definitely not … Continue reading

iPad 2 launch liveblog

Lines are already forming! I won’t be up at my local store until 9AM tomorrow, but if you have any news from where you are, head over to our launch hub and upload pics, have your say, whatever you want really So guys, I just arrived at the Doncaster store now and already the line … Continue reading

Josh Topolsky and Nilay Patel leave Engadget.com

Joining Paul Miller and Ross Miller, Josh and Nilay have now officially left the Engadget.com team. You may remember a post I did a couple weeks back when Paul Miller left the Engadget crew. I definetly did not expect to be doing another one so similar. Josh Topolsky (Ex editor-in-chief) and Nilay Patel (Ex managing … Continue reading

The campouts begin

Apple opened pre-orders for it’s much hyped iPad two about an hour ago now, but if you were one of the people who really want to have a good time getting their iPad two on release day, you’d be camping out, and it has begun. As you can see in the featured image above, this … Continue reading

Where will you be attending an iPad 2 campout?

So guys keeping with my love of the Apple campouts, lets get some information on who will be going where. I think it’d be good to just get some numbers huh? See how many we’re looking at seeing there and all. So go ahead, vote bellow! Leave a comment with what time you’re thinking too … Continue reading

Apple and their product mindshare

The phrase market share is used a lot, however it’s counterpart, mindshare, is definitely not. Mindshare is very important, for all products, but even more so in the tech world, as it is the key awareness and noticability of products, which is very important when it comes to selling anything to do with technology. To … Continue reading

iPad 2 Australia campouts

Hey everybody, So after attending two Apple campouts in my fanboy life, I know there are a massive amount of people out there who do come to them. I also know that any information about a campout to you as an Apple product release camper is of great interest, and we at Technoladget want to … Continue reading