The wonders of Fliboard

Flipboard, what an interesting topic. To be honest, I’m actually quite surprised I haven’t covered this app before, because it really is gold, especially at it’s insanely cheap price for what it is, of free. What started out as a very rocky launch, with Fliboard’s servers becoming totally overwhelmed and unable to handle the stress of the … Continue reading

My most recent Facebook annoyance

Recently Facebook made a small update to their already shocking Facebook for iPhone app, and it seems it has come over the air to only a few users. Some of my friends have it, some don’t, but it really does make things annoying. The first time I saw it, I was actually excited, I thought … Continue reading

Medl Mobile’s Alliance

Our friends over at Medl Mobile have just recently started up a new initiative, and they call it the Medl Alliance. The idea of it sounds really cool. If you’re an iOS user, you have almost certainly noticed the shear number of apps residing in Apple’s App Store, and if you’re an iOS developer you’d be … Continue reading

GarageBand for iPad review

As you’ve all obviously heard by now, the new iPad is out, and just hit the hands of American consumers today, however incase you didn’t know, Apple brought two of it’s much loved Mac OS X apps to the iPad at the same time as they announced the iPad 2 itself. iMovie and Garageband. Today … Continue reading

Essay for iPad review

Recently we here at technoladget were sent a promotional code for a great little app called Essay, so heres the review. Essay is quite simply, the text editor you wish your iPad had. Notes is to basic, but then Pages (part of the iPad’s iWork suite) is almost too extreme, you don’t need something that … Continue reading


The App Store on twitter today informed me of a really great little app called iTrivia. Any person who considers themselves a massive Apple nerd will love this app, and of course me being me,  I downloaded it right after reading the information on it. Being an Apple nerd comes with a sense of ‘I … Continue reading

What you didn’t know your iPhone could do

So I know a lot of you readers would have iPhones, iPod touches or iPhones. Some of you would know everything about them, but for a large majority of users, there are many features they did not know existed. In this post I will highlight some useful features and apps that make using an iOS … Continue reading

The Vicious Circle Of Facebook

Let me start this post with this. If you are a teenager like myself, and you don’t have facebook yet, don’t get it. There are many aspects to a teenager’s social life, and living in the massive technological age that we do today, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and all those other social networking sites play a … Continue reading

My all round most used apps

So sometimes people make posts about their favourite iPhone apps, or Android apps but this time, I’m going to make a post about my most used apps, of any kind, from any platform. Number 1. Google Chrome I think out of any app on any platform I use, Chrome is the one I use most. … Continue reading


Okay, so I’m a bit of a soccer fan, and being able to use my iPod for soccer games and reading soccer results is pretty cool. But which apps are the best to use? Soccer News On my iPod, I mainly use Premier League Sportacular for English Premier League news and Football Now for A-League … Continue reading