Nuisance Nintendo

Since the release of the Nintendo 3DS recently, a spate of problems have been spread over the internet. Users have been reporting visual problems, crashing, errors and new reports have started coming through that the 3DS only costs around $100 to make. Those who have used the 3DS will tell you that although the glasses-free … Continue reading


Contrary to popular belief, the iPhone is not a perfect smartphone. As proved at the start of the year with the “iPhone alarm failure”, the iPhone is no stranger to problems and no one can say that it doesn’t have its flaws. At the release of the iPhone 4, there were many complaints about dropping … Continue reading

The departure of Paul Miller

To say that when I started technoladget I had no inspiration would be wildly untrue, and I must say a large amount of that inspiration came from Engadget. As I have said in a previous post, I am an engadget reader. Reading my own news site gets a bit dull, seeing as I write a … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Jailbreak

In my time as an iPod touch owner, I couldn’t count the times I’ve heard “Oh, you should totally jailbreak your iPod!” Though I’ll honestly admit I’ve been tempted; I mean, who wouldn’t? Customization to your iPod/iPhone, cool features, and free apps? But I’m writing this to tell you why you definitely should not jailbreak. … Continue reading

My string of apple headphone failures

So yes, this year I think I have become a bit of an audiophile, with a whole bunch of my posts being about earphones, and getting some awesome new speakers for Christmas. Yes, tech plasters string of audio related posts comes back, and this time I’m going to be talking about the generic Apple headphones. … Continue reading

Console Chaos!

Over the summer holidays, I heard plenty of stories of people’s gaming consoles failing due to the hot weather.But one story in particular stood out to me. A friend of mine played his Playstation a bit too much in hot weather and claims that something inside his console melt, causing him to get the dreaded … Continue reading

iQuiet Tricks

Whether you iPodding late at night or secretly checking your Facebook at school, there are a couple of tricks I’ve picked up to keep you iPod Touch (or iPhone or iPad) use quiet. Tip 1 Of course using you headphones or having the volume right down is a key measure. If you do use your … Continue reading

PS3 Heat Freezing, Damaging Discs?

Everyone hates it when their equipment freezes, well it’s even more annoying as a gamer. I’m sure many will agree, that it is incredibly frustrating when you boot up your game, and the screen goes blank. Recently, I’ve experienced some strange freezing cases happening to two separate Playstation 3 consoles. I’m not sure if it’s … Continue reading