We Have Permanently Moved

I just wanted to make it very, very clear that we have now moved to our new site, http://www.technoladget.com. We thank you for all your support and hope you enjoy the new site. Advertisements

Nilesh’s Homefront Review

Hi guys. A friend of mine, Nilesh, has offered to write a guest review of the new game Homefront. So here it is, enjoy. This is Nildog, a guest writer for Technoladget, lets just say I put the lad in technoladget. For my article I’m going to review the game, Homefront on PS3, however it … Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS Will Have Region Lock

If you own a previous DS, or even a DVD player, you will probably be familiar with the concept of region locking. Companies divide the world into regions and ‘lock’ games or DVD’s for one region, so that content can only be played there. This is mainly because it allows the companies to sell the … Continue reading

Doodle Jump Extends It’s Empire

Well everybody, and I mean everybody, has heard of Doodle Jump for iOS. It’s that game where the strange looking character jumps up and up, dodging monsters and UFO’s. There have been plenty of imitations, but none have really been as good as Doodle Jump. Well this time last year Doodle Jump was announced for … Continue reading

False – Creator of Pokemon Died in Japan Earthquake

There have been a lot of rumours flying about after the tragedy in Japan, and one of these is that the creator of Pokemon, Satoshi Tajiri, died in the earthquakes. This is false. Nintendo have issued this statement. “During the earthquake, no one at Nintendo in Japan was injured and there was no apparent structural damage.” Also, Satoshi … Continue reading

Playstation Network Down Tomorrow

Sony has announced a Playstation Network outage for the 9th of March, 8am-7pm PST, to conduct maintenance. This means you Playstation Network users will not be able to play online or use the Playstation Network at all in that time. Just letting you PS3 players know. Thanks, technoladget.

Jamie’s Coolest iPod Docks

Now we’ve all seen an iPod dock before. It is just a speaker, and sometimes radio or alarm clock, that you can plug your iPod into and it will play music through the speakers, and usually charge it too. Some are portable, and some are not. Most iPod docks look just like regular radio or … Continue reading

New Battlefield 3 Gameplay Video

On the first of this month, the guys at EA released another gameplay video, providing a little bit more detail then the Premiere Gameplay vid I discussed in an earlier article. Similar to what EA did prior to Medal Of Honor’s release, it appears there will be a series of gameplay videos leading up to … Continue reading

Mortal Kombat 2011 Banned In Australia

The reboot of the Mortal Kombat franchise, set to be released this year, has already been banned in Australia. The game, which is a fighting game renowned for its creative and violent moves, has already been refused classification for Australian audiences. The long anticipated game was just weeks from it’s US release, and I’m sure … Continue reading

Call Of Duty: Future Warfare?

Ever since Modern Warfare 2’s release, COD fans have been wondering where the franchise will go after Modern Warfare. Many have said Future Warfare will be the next step for the franchise. Lots of rumours have bee flying about whether this years release will be a futurist installment, but with it pretty much confirmed it … Continue reading