The ups and downs of an iPad 2 Smartcover

The iPad 2 really is a wonderful improvement from the first generation model, and I think one of the killer features in this upgrade are the magnets that secure the Smartcover, and I’m sure a lot more accessories to come. In this article I’m going to detail some of the best features of the Smartcover, … Continue reading

iPad 2 Review

The second coming of Apple’s tablet, the iPad, has finally hit Australian shores, and I’m here of course with the review for you guys. Incase you missed some of our other covereage, here’s a link to the liveblog of the lineup, and one with some first impressions and photos from the event. But now, on … Continue reading

iPad 2 launch day wrap up and first impressions

After many long hours spent in the iPad 2 lineup, we’ve all finally gotten home, and had a good chance to have a play with our new toys. The lineup was just as awesome as it has been in the past, which actually surprised me. I came up yesterday morning around nine A.M. with hopes definitely not … Continue reading

No iPad 2 launch details? (UPDATED)

As Friday dawns closer upon us, everybody aiming to have an iPad by the end of the 25th are still left with next to no details at all. I find this quite strage. In the past, Apple has described what is going to happen, when it’s going to happen, basically everything line-goers, or even less … Continue reading

Motorola Milestone 2 Review

Even though this is definitly not a brand new phone (at the rate mobile devices are updated), I thought that it would be a great idea to do a quick review of it, seeing as I have one available to me for a short time. It’s worth noting that I haven’t been able to have … Continue reading

iPad 2 Australia campouts

Hey everybody, So after attending two Apple campouts in my fanboy life, I know there are a massive amount of people out there who do come to them. I also know that any information about a campout to you as an Apple product release camper is of great interest, and we at Technoladget want to … Continue reading

(Breaking) iPad 2 announced today with facetime, A5 processor, iOS 4.3

iPad 2. We have seen the rumours on events and the actual device go crazy over the last couple of months, and today it has all been officially unveiled by Apple over at the Yerba Buena center in San Francisco. With a 33% thinner body, at a glance the industrial design of this product seems truly … Continue reading

Pumped for March 2 iPad event?

So as you all should know by now, Apple is holding an event on March second, where they will almost certainly unveil their second itteration of the iPad. It’s been such an eventful year with iPad, and it feels like such a short time ago that Apple announced their much hyped tablet. Now, about a … Continue reading

iPad 2 – March Second Event

So guys not really too much to say on this one, so I’ll keep it short and simple for you. Apple started sending out invites to a March second iPad event (ours must have got lost in the mail…) and well basically, we’re gonna see an iPad two. So long as there’s a live video … Continue reading