Joanna Stern, Chris Ziegler also leave Engadget

Another two big names over at Engadget have also joined Paul Miller, Ross Miller, Joshua Topolsky and Nilay Patel as ex Engadget editors. I’ve always said how Engadget was a massive inspiration to me starting up Technoladget, and to see six of the biggest names over there leave on personal grounds and in some circumstances … Continue reading

iPad 2 Review

The second coming of Apple’s tablet, the iPad, has finally hit Australian shores, and I’m here of course with the review for you guys. Incase you missed some of our other covereage, here’s a link to the liveblog of the lineup, and one with some first impressions and photos from the event. But now, on … Continue reading

HTC intros EVO 3D and EVO View 4G at CTIA 2011

So incase you didn’t already know, CTIA 2011 is on right now over in the U.S, and HTC has just announced some new Android devices over there. HTC EVO 3D One of the things HTC launched is the EVO 3D, and of course is capable of exactly what the name suggests, 3D. Glasses free 3d … Continue reading

MacBook Pro (early 2011) Hands On

So after working a long hard day at school, I took off up to the local Apple Store with the intent of having a good look at the new macbook pro models. Even after only spending about ten minutes with a 15″ core i7 model I can say that this update is quite and improvement. … Continue reading

New macbook pros announced with Thunderbolt I/O

Yes, we’ve seen theĀ rumorsĀ for ages now and it seems while the Apple store went down overnight Apple posted a bunch of new and improved Macbook Pros. With some awesome new specs, such as core i5 and i7 Sandybridge processors, AMD graphics and the famed lightpeak (now Thunderbolt) technology, these Macbook Pros sure look pretty special. … Continue reading

Jamie’s Most Anticipated Games of 2011

2011 is looking to be an incredible year in gaming, but surprisingly, some people are looking forward to different games than other people. So here is my Most Anticipated Games of 2011. Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare 3 Yes, this one made Ewan’s list, but considering Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops were such … Continue reading

Ewan’s Most Anticipated Games of 2011

I know we say this every year but, this is going to be a big year for gamers. With a number of big name games to be released, there are a few I’m particularly interested. Killzone 3 I am a shooter fan, and even though I’ve never played a Killzone game before, this one looks … Continue reading