The ups and downs of an iPad 2 Smartcover

The iPad 2 really is a wonderful improvement from the first generation model, and I think one of the killer features in this upgrade are the magnets that secure the Smartcover, and I’m sure a lot more accessories to come. In this article I’m going to detail some of the best features of the Smartcover, … Continue reading

What can we expect in reply to the iPad 2?

Currently, Apple dominate the tablet market. After all, they did define it. Other tablets struggle to keep up. So how will the rest of the tablet world answer to Apple’s latest announcement? I think it’s fairly obvious that they will mimic it in many ways. They will all probably have cameras, faster processors, better graphics … Continue reading

iOS 4.3 rolls out today to the masses

So just incase you weren’t a part of the Apple developer program or didn’t know a friend who was capable of pulling some strings, you are now fully able to download and install the latest and greatest version of the iOS system. So enjoy! and let us know what you think in the comments.   Thanks to … Continue reading

What’s next for Apple? New information on Lion

At the moment, I feel like I’m Apple this, Apple that, but the truth is, they are quite busy at the moment. With the iPad 2 just announced, what’s next for Apple? Recently, a whole bunch of information was released onto the Apple website regarding their new Mac operating system, Mac OSX 10.7, or as … Continue reading

Where will you be attending an iPad 2 campout?

So guys keeping with my love of the Apple campouts, lets get some information on who will be going where. I think it’d be good to just get some numbers huh? See how many we’re looking at seeing there and all. So go ahead, vote bellow! Leave a comment with what time you’re thinking too … Continue reading

Apple and their product mindshare

The phrase market share is used a lot, however it’s counterpart, mindshare, is definitely not. Mindshare is very important, for all products, but even more so in the tech world, as it is the key awareness and noticability of products, which is very important when it comes to selling anything to do with technology. To … Continue reading

iPad 2 Thoughts

As I’m sure you’ll aware by now, the iPad 2 was announced last night, and man, what an excitement. I woke up to them covering it on the news, I read the tech specs as I brushed my teeth and at school, the classroom buzzed with the talk of a new iPad. But is it … Continue reading

iPad 2 Australia campouts

Hey everybody, So after attending two Apple campouts in my fanboy life, I know there are a massive amount of people out there who do come to them. I also know that any information about a campout to you as an Apple product release camper is of great interest, and we at Technoladget want to … Continue reading

(Breaking) iPad 2 announced today with facetime, A5 processor, iOS 4.3

iPad 2. We have seen the rumours on events and the actual device go crazy over the last couple of months, and today it has all been officially unveiled by Apple over at the Yerba Buena center in San Francisco. With a 33% thinner body, at a glance the industrial design of this product seems truly … Continue reading


Contrary to popular belief, the iPhone is not a perfect smartphone. As proved at the start of the year with the “iPhone alarm failure”, the iPhone is no stranger to problems and no one can say that it doesn’t have its flaws. At the release of the iPhone 4, there were many complaints about dropping … Continue reading