The wonders of Fliboard

Flipboard, what an interesting topic. To be honest, I’m actually quite surprised I haven’t covered this app before, because it really is gold, especially at it’s insanely cheap price for what it is, of free. What started out as a very rocky launch, with Fliboard’s servers becoming totally overwhelmed and unable to handle the stress of the … Continue reading

Technoladget News Update – Dropping the

Hey everybody, So today we here at Technoladget took a step forward in a positive direction, and frankly I’m probably as surprised as you are that it has taken us this long, but we are now officially We have the domain issues sorted, so this all should work great, and if you still insist … Continue reading

Technoladget news update

Hey everybody, So as some of you may know, almost all Australian schools have gone back 100% now, and today was my first day back, along with my colleagues Jamie and Ewan. With our large workload, our post frequency may decrease a little, at least at the times we get a lot of traffic. We are determined … Continue reading