My Experience With The Nintendo 3DS Camera

Though, sadly, we weren’t able to attend the 3DS event a few days ago, I was able to have a try with a 3DS today, specifically the camera. And I have good news. The photo’s taken with the 3Ds look really cool. While normal photos, of perhaps a tree, look pretty neat on the 3DS, … Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS Will Have Region Lock

If you own a previous DS, or even a DVD player, you will probably be familiar with the concept of region locking. Companies divide the world into regions and ‘lock’ games or DVD’s for one region, so that content can only be played there. This is mainly because it allows the companies to sell the … Continue reading

Nintendo DS – A Handheld Revolution.

Back in 2004, Nintendo announced the release of a little gaming device known as the Nintendo DS. Not much was known about it, only that it opened up like a book and had two screens; one normal screen and one touch screen. No-one would have guessed that this little booklet shaped machine would go on … Continue reading