Ewan’s Modern Warfare 3 Wishlist

With the massively anticipated release of Modern Warfare 3 creeping closer and closer, I thought it was about time to reflect on the previous Call of Duty games, and think about what I wanted in the next release. A Reinvention I think it’s fair to say that since the release of Call of Duty 4: … Continue reading

iPad 2 launch liveblog

Lines are already forming! I won’t be up at my local store until 9AM tomorrow, but if you have any news from where you are, head over to our launch hub and upload pics, have your say, whatever you want really So guys, I just arrived at the Doncaster store now and already the line … Continue reading

What’s next for Apple? New information on Lion

At the moment, I feel like I’m Apple this, Apple that, but the truth is, they are quite busy at the moment. With the iPad 2 just announced, what’s next for Apple? Recently, a whole bunch of information was released onto the Apple website regarding their new Mac operating system, Mac OSX 10.7, or as … Continue reading

Apple’s Accidental Portable Gaming Console

With out meaning to, Apple accidentally made themselves a contender in portable gaming. With the release of the iPhone and iPod Touch also came hundreds developers creating thousands of games. All of the games available were fun, addictive and best of all, cheap, a lot of them were even free. Big-name game developers, like EA … Continue reading

Busting for Battlefield

Okay, even though it’s release date is still a fair way off, I’m starting to get really excited for Battlefield 3, and only after two videos! There was first the teaser trailer which revealed almost nothing apart from a few flashes of tanks and helicopters. The newly released Battlefield 3 Premiere Gameplay clip however, has … Continue reading

YouTube robbing us of subscribers?

omnitechnews has a largely disturbing report of YouTube somehow for some reason getting rid of your subscribers. Things check out, and being unable to subscribe to other channels myself too seems pretty odd. Head over to the above link and check it out, and as Zack wrote in his post over on omnitechnews, spread the … Continue reading

The Vicious Circle Of Facebook

Let me start this post with this. If you are a teenager like myself, and you don’t have facebook yet, don’t get it. There are many aspects to a teenager’s social life, and living in the massive technological age that we do today, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and all those other social networking sites play a … Continue reading

MEDL Mobile’s App Incubator

If any of you read my article on cheating app DateMate, you’ll recognize the name MEDL Mobile. In this article, I’ll be writing about MEDL Mobile, and their quite interesting business. The thing about the iphone, iPod touch and iPad is that anyone who’s used one has had an idea for a really good app. … Continue reading

Keypad Pro review

So recently we here at Technoladget we were sent two promotional codes to an app called Keypad Pro, so myself and colleague Ewan could review it. Let me just start with this. I am a Final Cut editor, and this app is a dream for your editing workflow. I have always wanted to be able … Continue reading

Jamie’s Favourite Mindless Entertainment Apps

We’ve all seen the Entertainment section of the Apple app store. There’s TV Guides, movie soundboards, stupid quizzes, magic tricks, gaming guides and funny-photo editing apps galore. But what I think there is the most of is mindless entertainment apps. Apps which require no knowledge, no effort and often no money, usually are just for … Continue reading