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My name is Hamish Prior and I have a passion for all things tech. I’m professionally trained in Final Cut Studio and love to edit video of all kinds. I’m an apple fanboy and as any would, I love to attend the product release campouts, and get up at three A.M to watch live streams of Steve Jobs’ keynote speeches.  I love to hang out with friends, and play field hockey, where I am a fullback for Camberwell Hockey Club in Melbourne Australia. Fortunately for me I can be a complete and utter nerd yet keep up a social life at the same time, so I am thankful for that!

My name’s Ewan and although I don’t claim to be a tech-head, I do have a huge interest. It’s fair to say that I’m a bit of a gamer, semi-casual, and your are able to see me shooting up some noobs on the Playstation Network. I’m also into music and have grown up with my iPod in my pocket. I am a Mac, but have struggled with PCs for years, so I kind of know what i’m doing there. On terms of computers, I tend to use more mainstream, people friendly software so I’ll be able to keep you up to date on stuff like that. I also have a huge interest in mobile devices, as I see that becoming the way of the future.

Apart from technology, I love playing a bit of sport, particularly squash and basketball. I’m learning guitar and I’m a bit of a greenie. I know right, a greenie as an editor on a technology website. My stance there is that technology is actually part of the solution to global warming, and although it played a part in getting us in this position, it has the power to get a back out again. Sorry, I’ve had my rant now.

Anyway, enjoy the site 😛

My name is Jamie, and while I’m not the biggest technology expert on the planet, I do know a fair bit. Our whole family are PC users, so I’ve grown up with a lot of experience with PC’s, but I do know a bit about Mac’s too. I’m also an avid gamer, I own a Playstation One, Playstation Two, XBOX 360, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and a PC which I use for gaming. The other big thing in my life is music. My favourite bands are Arctic Monkeys, All Time Low and The Fratellis, and I don’t go anywhere without my iPod touch and a pair of earphones.

Aside from technology, I do other things. I’ve played the drums for two years, and want to learn bass guitar this year. I’m a big soccer player, indoor and outdoor. And I love pizza. I’m also a bit of a film junkie =P

So thanks for reading, enjoy the site!

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